Emergency Dentures

Having teeth removed in Catford, Pimlico, Fulham or need same day dentures in Mottingham? You do not need to wait for dentures after recent extractions, but this is advised in some cases, however, we can measure and fit a denture for you the same day if you get in touch.

How do we make same day dentures?

Ideally, before extractions we can make a partial or full set of dentures that can be worn after your treatment, this not only helps in the healing process but restores your smile and function giving your mouth time to heal ready to have permanent dentures fitted.

Temporary solution

It can take gums up to 7 days to heal and bone tissue 3-9 months to heal after extractions. Our same day denture is a temporary solution until all healing has taken place and a more permanent solution offered. Losing one teeth can feel traumatic, our job is to help you recover from the shock and send you on your way feeling confident about your smile, teeth, mouth and dentures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Visit a Clinical Dental Technician?

Who better to make your teeth than the person who actually fabricates dentures day in day out.

Traditionally the dentist would send your teeth to a technician at a separate location with minimal information, the technician then fabricates their best estimate of what they think the patient requires.

When you visit Simon (a clinical dental technician) you are treated by someone who has been setting teeth for patients for many years. Who better to tell Simon what they want than the patient themselves, so together we discuss what the patient wants / expects from their denture(s) and how together we will achieve this.

How is something so personal, treated so impersonal; Without the patient being treated by the person setting their denture?

What Happens When Something Goes Wrong?

Have you been told:

  • You have a difficult bite!
  • Its your mouth!
  • Use some fixative!

These are poor excuses used by people who don't really understand how to construct dentures!

A patients habitual bite is probably the hardest thing to establish / replicate / restore sometimes even for the patient! especially when the patient has no teeth left or has been wearing old dentures for an extended period of time. The mouth is a harsh environment and dentures (pieces of plastic) are a poor substitute for teeth that a patient will wear, sometimes for the rest of their lives if implants aren't possible.

Then factor in being told to "just use some fixative" (denture glue) day in day out!

If dentures are fabricated properly then all these problems can be avoided or "managed" by nearly, but not all patients regardless of their mouths.



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