Emergency Denture Repairs

If you’re looking for a quality denture repair service, please call St George's Dental Lab.

Don't worry if you've damaged your dentures, our clinical dental technician have the expertise to restore your smile in our fully equipped laboratory.

Dentures can fracture in the mouth or simply by dropping them in the sink whilst cleaning them.

Here's a handy tip: Partially fill the sink with some water to help prevent the denture breaking should you drop it in the sink or alternatively place a towel in the sink.

We advised against patients repairing their own dentures. Online kits offer little in terms of repair strength and miss-aligning the glued pieces could result in further discomfort/problems.

If you've broken your dentures get in touch with the clinic straight away, as our clinical dental technician will advice the best course of action to take and where possible we will safely and professionally repair your dentures to leave them as good as new.

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