Solvay SD360 and Ultaire AKP


Move over, metal

Little has changed with removable partial dentures (RPDs) over the decades. Metal frames are still being used despite the fact that they are heavier, may damage remaining teeth if poorly designed, and may cause a metallic aftertaste. Plus, patients complain about the look of metal in their mouths.

Today, there is a new solution from Solvay Dental 360™ that changes the way patients think about RPD frames.

Introducing Ultaire™ AKP from Solvay Dental 360

™Ultaire™ AKP is an innovative, high-performance polymer that provides a comfortable, lightweight, biocompatible and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal frames. Ultaire™ AKP partial dentures havesimilar mechanical properties to corticle bone, are tooth and tissuesupported and may help minimize bone loss.

For patients who can’t bear the thought of metal clasps or the additional challenges of other frame materials, Ultaire™ AKP delivers a revolutionary option.


Ultaire™ AKP from Solvay Dentures London