Denture Relines...

In need of denture relines? Let us give you some advice and help, a quality denture reline can tranform the way you feel about speaking,eating and drinking.

Mouth and gum changes

As you get older, the changing shape of your mouth, gums and the age of your dentures will affect how your dentures feel. You may find that you need denture relines to help with the problem. We can adapt your dentures to fit the changing shape of your mouth, transforming your dentures fit to feel just right for you.

Hard reline or soft reline?

Hard relines restore the fit and retention of your dentures but you will need to leave your denture at the surgery for a brief period. Soft relines can be added to lower full dentures to relieve tenderness of the gums, until such time as the denture can be hard relined.

Temporary relines

Some of our patients have been wearing poorly fitting dentures for some time, this can traumatise the gums. In this case a tissue conditioner can be used to help restore the health of the gums before a more permanent solution i.e. hard reline.

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