Partial Dentures...

A partial denture will fill in the gap of one or more missing teeth, they can be made in acrylic, metal or flexible materials or a combination of two with the false teeth attached to the plate.

Dentures ideally will have clasps (arms) on them which hold the partial denture more securely in position in your mouth, they can then be unclipped and removed.

We can advise you on which type of denture should suit you, your mouth and your budget to restore your smile.

Partial Denture Care

Partial dentures can feel strange in your mouth to begin with, but the more your persist with them the quicker you will get used to wearing them.

To start with you should wear the dentures as much a possible to get used to them and to allow them to "bed in".

Removing your dentures at night will allow your gums to recover from the days activities as you sleep. When you remove them, the dentures are best kept in a denture cleaning solution as per the manufacturers instruction – this helps keep the dentures as clean as possible and more importantly remove the bacterial load.

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